Micah S. Ziegler is a postdoctoral associate in the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He integrates data-based modeling, chemistry, and a policy focus to evaluate sustainable energy and chemical technologies and systems. His work informs scientific research, engineering, and public policy focused on improving our environmental sustainability, with an emphasis on mitigating climate change.

At MIT, Dr. Ziegler evaluates established and emerging energy technologies, particularly energy storage. He examines how energy storage technologies have changed over time to determine how to accelerate their improvement. He also studies how energy storage can be used to integrate intermittent renewable resources into a broader energy system.

Dr. Ziegler earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.S. in Chemistry, summa cum laude, from Yale University. In graduate school, he primarily investigated dicopper complexes, including their synthesis, reactivity, catalysis, and unexpected characteristics, in order to improve our ability to use earth-abundant, first-row transition metals in small molecule transformations and catalysis. After college and before graduate school, he worked in the Climate and Energy Program at the World Resources Institute (WRI). At WRI, he explored how to improve mutual trust and confidence among parties developing international climate change policy and researched carbon dioxide capture and storage, electricity transmission, and international energy technology policy. Dr. Ziegler was also a Luce Scholar assigned to the Business Environment Council in Hong Kong, where he helped advise businesses on measuring and managing their environmental sustainability.